• Material Metal
Strong metal pipe and heavy sheet;
Long lasting and durable frame;
Very strong premium quality thick pipe;
Equipped with heavy duty junctions;
Freestalls are typically used to house dairy cattle for extended periods and include a bedding area for cattle to ruminate and rest. The term 'freestall' refers to the bedding area where cattle are provided cubicles (stalls), where they may lie down.In the last few years there has been an unprecedented interest in free stall design and its impact on
dairy cow health and performance. Recent studies continue to demonstrate that dairy cows prefer stall surfaces which provide more
cushion. Cows appear to prefer to lie in stalls with rubber crumb filled mattresses rather than on
sparsely bedded hard rubber mats, water beds or concrete.


Freestall barn for cow;
Better herd monitoring;
Possible reduction in herd lameness ;
Significant improvement in feed ration utilization;
Rise in daily yield;
Decrease in culling rate;
Increase in resting time;
Decrease in time cleaning the cubicles;
Severe reduction in bedding usage;
Improvement of estrous condition, as the cows are in better health

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