• Material
Fogging system for dairy farms, poultry salons and green houses;
Special nozzles for best performance;
High pressure tubes designed for spraying;
Water pump for spray from nozzles;
Junctions & Valves

Heat stress poses a significant risk to cows. Rising temperatures can cause problems such as suppressed feed intake and reproductive stress. Fogging combined with ventilation system can manages heat stress by moderating temperatures in dairy environments.

Effective temperature leads to feed intake remains steady and healthy.

Fogging system reduce the risk of heat stress in cows during rising temperatures. 
Dairy cows are extremely sensitive to heat stress and extremely reactive to their environment. Maintaining your cattle’s health without the cost of major doses of antibiotics and large investments of time or capital can become a challenge during the warmer times of the year. As soon as a cow’s core temperature begins to rise too high or too suddenly, an onslaught of negative physiological affects can begin to manifest quickly. This can cause problems with reproduction, milk quality, quantity and myriad of health problems.


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